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Annual Congress on Vaccines and Immunization

Ricardo Soares

Professor, Madrid Quironsalud University Hospital Madrid, Spain; E-mail: [email protected]

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With the Successful completion of numerous scientific conferences, Pulsus group, an internationally renowned peer-review publisher in scientific, technical, and medical journals, proudly presents The Annual Congress on Vaccines and Immunization which is scheduled to be held on 27 – 28 April 2020 in Barcelona, Spain. The Congress is going to be a grand event with Speakers, Delegates and Exhibitors from all over the world. The event focuses on leading trends in research. The conference will be embarked with an opening ceremony followed by a series of lectures delivered by both Honourable Guests and members of the Keynote forum and will be carried out through various informative and cuttingedge sessions. The event themed “Exploring the arcane and esoteric paths in immunology and vaccinology” focuses on every aspect of immunology and vaccinology, mainly on 18 diverse topics which are the leading trends in research. The Congress is the best platform for the attendees to grow their network worldwide and get an international exposure at the same time. Rooms will be booked in a five-star hotel for the registered attendees. Registration also includes abstract available online, lunch, mid-session refreshments. Moreover, Barcelona is a beautiful city with lots of tourist attractions for its visitors to unfold.

The conference is coined around almost 18 vast topics including Vaccination, Immunology, Antibiotics and Antimicrobial Resistance, Cancer Immunology, Recent trends in Immunology, Immunization, Veterinary and Plant-based Vaccines, Immune system, Vaccine design, Vaccine safety and efficacy, HIV vaccine, DNA Vaccines, Vaccines in general, Vaccine concerns, Types of vaccines, Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses to Vaccination, Age-specific Immune Response to Vaccination

The Annual Congress on Vaccines and Immunization will enhance the cornucopia of knowledge of all the participants in different fields and will be a mélange of eminent speakers, industry professionals, social activist, students etc. Discussing on various imperative topics will add an insight to ponder and confer over crux of today’s scientific and technological perk up. Our conferences are scientific rostrums to unveil the novel developments and to cogitate and conflate ideas and realities through practical experiences. We invite and encourage you to attend the conference. We have worked diligently in developing an outstanding platform to network, learn new medical advancements and provide other copious research opportunities that undoubtedly will be beneficial in your very own endeavours. Hopefully, you will join us in this momentous occasion as we embrace individuality, culture, talent, education and new skills. We look forward to developing partnership and meaningful relationship with you in Barcelona. This year’s Annual Congress on Vaccines and Immunization is going to be a prolific event with keynote speeches, poster presentation, oral presentation, seminars, workshops, symposia, and exhibitions presented by reputed participants from all over the world. The conference themed “Exploring the arcane and esoteric paths in immunology and vaccinology” is indeed going to be of high relevance with its proficient speakers from diverse fields and its studious delegates.

The Congress opens doors to researchers for international collaboration and is the best platform to showcase their talent.

We welcome all our global participants and exhibitors to the Congress.

See you in Barcelona, Spain.


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