Aim and Scope

Journal of Childhood & Developmental Disorders is an international journal aimed at publishing original research of an interdisciplinary nature that has a direct bearing on the understanding or remediation of problems associated with developmental disabilities. Articles will be primarily empirical studies, although an occasional position paper or review will be accepted. The aim of the journal will be to publish articles on all aspects of developmental difficulties using rigourous research methods. Our aim is to publish the best available and most current research possible.

Some major research areas in which the journal publishes the recent developments are:

•    Early Childhood Development
•    Neurodevelopmental Disorders
•    Autism Spectrum Disorders
•    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD)
•    Specific Language Impairment
•    Dyslexia
•    Central Auditory Processing Disorder(CAPD)
•    Cerebral Palsy
•    Conduct Disorder
•    Genetic Disorders in Childhood
•    Encopresis and Enuresis
•    Childhood Obesity
•    Child Health
•    Neuromuscular Disorders
•    Childhood Behavior Disorders
•    Learning and Communication Disabilities
•    Stuttering
•    Tourette’s Disorder
•    Child Traumatic Stress
•    Child Disorders Epidemiology
•    Child Vision Impairment
•    Child Auditary Impairment
•    Child Psychotherapeutic and Psychopharmacological Treatments