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Journal of Childhood & Developmental Disorders Volume 8, Issue 6 https:/ Understanding Brain Development in Children with Neurogenetic Disorders Ulrich Torres https:/ Development of Bipolar Disorder in Children with AttentionDeficitHyperactivity Disorder Simon Ziersen https:/ The Impact of Mood Disorders and Childhood Trauma during an Active Illness Phase Leonardo Downey https:/ A Narrative Review of the Effect of Sport and Exercise on ADHD Symptomatology in Young People with ADHD Jenny Meggs https:/ Pediatric Central Auditory Processing Disorder and Speech in Noise Perception Deficits Andrew J Lassonde Journal of Childhood & Developmental Disorders Volume 7, Issue 12 https:/ Communication Difficulties in the Children pMary A Ottp https:/ Indications of Mental Issues Analyzed and it Causes pJonathan K Wynnp https:/ Understanding the Central Auditory Processing Disorder CAPD and its Symptoms pW Wiktor Jedrzejczakp https:/ The Gist of Genetics Disorders in Children pSufyan Abid Dograp https:/ Overview of Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Children pVincenzo De Lucap Journal of Childhood & Developmental Disorders Volume 8, Issue 1 https:/ Birth Defects in Children and Rare Diseases pstrongStasa Dizdarevicstrongp https:/ Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder pstrongPamela Maitrestrongp https:/ Nocturnal Enuresis among Enuretic Children pstrongJohn Rodrigstrongp https:/ Parents Reactions to Childhood Stuttering pstrongDaniel Werlestrongp https:/ ParentBased Training with Down Syndrome pstrongMatthew D Hartleystrongp Journal of Childhood & Developmental Disorders Volume 8, Issue 2 https:/ Clinical and Neuropsychological Suboptimal Adherence and Bipolar Disorder pTara Boylep https:/ Orthodontic Treatment with Ataxic Cerebral Palsy pMorgan Benedettip https:/ Perception of Phonologically Speech Disorder in Children pAyataka Iidap https:/ Interpretive and Judgment in Childhood Anxiety Disorders pHarun Isaacsp https:/ Child Neurological Development and Consideration of Hunter Syndrome pDavid Murphyp Journal of Childhood & Developmental Disorders Volume 8, Issue 3 https:/ Deep Learning in the Detection of Alzheimers Disease and related dementias care Stanley Criswell https:/ Children and Adults with Developmental Disability Enuresis and Encopresis Kumar Susanth https:/ Speech in Noise Perception Deficits and CAPD in Children Andrew Kendrick https:/ Sequential Development of Depression and Dementia Anouk Marees https:/ Developmental Brain Disorders and Other Psychiatric Atsushi Watanabe Journal of Childhood & Developmental Disorders Volume 8, Issue 4 https:/ Preparing Students for Disciplinary Boundaries Strengths Values Gregg Eason https:/ Children with Neurogenetic Disorders and the Rule Debates Ulrich Epstein https:/ Rare Genetic Risk Factors of Neuropsychiatric Disorders in Children Sanapala Aravind https:/ Mental WellBeing and Structural Brain Development of Diglycidyl Ether Exposure George Medinas https:/ Rett Syndrome Therapeutic Development and Associations with Clinical Severity Ralf Benke Journal of Childhood & Developmental Disorders Volume 8, Issue 5 https:/ Hospitalized Children and Adolescents with Mental Disorders Richard McNeer https:/ ParentChild Adrenocortical Concordance in Early Childhood Adelino LeiteMoreira https:/ Neuropsychiatric Syndrome with Myoclonus in a Paediatric Patient Franz Mink https:/ Brain Stimulation in Patients with Chorea and McLeod Syndrome Jonathan Danek https:/ Prevalence Study of Primary Dystonia Autosomal Dominant DopaResponsive Holger Peker Journal of Childhood & Developmental Disorders Volume 8, Issue 7 https:/ Hybrid DeepLearning Paradigm for Classification of Specific Language Impaired Children Using their Speech Sounds Stasa Dizdarevic https:/ Behavioural Difficulties in PreschoolAged Children with Expressive Language Disorder Pamela Maitre https:/ The Prevalence of Abnormal Genital Findings Enuresis and Encopresis in Children John Rodrig https:/ Enuresis and Constipation in Children with NonSyndromic Pierre Robin Sequence Daniel Werle https:/ Management of Functional Neurological Disorder in Children and Adolescents Matthew D Hartley Journal of Childhood & Developmental Disorders Volume 8, Issue 8 https:/ Children Born with a Congenital Heart Defect Risk Factor and Protective Factors Daniel Cushman https:/ Myoclonus in ChildhoodOnset Neurogenetic Disorders and Applied Behaviour Analysis Willem Castillo https:/ Threatbiased Attention in Childhood Anxiety Disorder and Use of Exposure Therapy Filippo Larson https:/ Musculoskeletal Disorders in Childhood the Influence of Gender and Age Breda Calderoni https:/ The impact of Childhood Trauma and Daily Life Experiences on Depressed Children Craig Frye Journal of Childhood & Developmental Disorders Volume 8, Issue 9 https:/ Emergency Remote Training Programs for Young Children with Down syndrome Salvatore Grune https:/ Moyamoya Is an Unprecedented Occlusive Cerebrovascular Disorder Emanuele Goletti https:/ Trisomy 21 Is Responsible For Disorder Down Syndrome Patrizia Messana https:/ Moyamoya Disease Is a Rare Occlusive Cerebrovascular Condition Penelope Hayflick https:/ Oxidative Phosphorylation Mechanism Contribute To GenomeWide Deregulation Stephanie Cabrera Journal of Childhood & Developmental Disorders Volume 8, Issue 10 https:/ Alzheimers Disease is a Neurodegenerative Condition Mohd Aqil https:/ The Primary Factor Used to Identify Alzheimers disease Is Memory Ferido Joyce https:/ Neonatal Encephalopathy with Suspected Hypoxic Ischaemic Encephalopathy Garey Noritz https:/ Static Encephalopathy Which Is Characterized By the Presence of a Fixed Lesion Peter Murphy https:/ Cardiotocography Remains a Major Tool for Assessing Fetal Akira Hasegawa Journal of Childhood & Developmental Disorders Volume 8, Issue 11 https:/ Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD Is Associated With Difficulties Danielle Amaral https:/ General and Psychotropic Poly Pharmacy among Children with Autism Abdullah Merve https:/ The Difficulties That Have Arisen As A Result Of the COVID19Related Lockdown Shelby Karraker https:/ Autism Spectrum Disorder Is Characterized By Sensory Abnormalities Adrian Roberts https:/ To Evaluate Characteristics of Autism in the General Population Dawson Mark Journal of Childhood & Developmental Disorders Volume 8, Issue 12 https:/ Stigmatized Disability Can Result In Anxiety and High Allosteric Stress Load Chronic Nervousness David John https:/ Diagnosis Requires Genetic Testing To Determine Syndrome Dominant Inheritance Peter Lee https:/ Chromosomal Abnormalities such as Translocation of the Genetic Material Philip Doughier https:/ The Role of Injectable Opioid Agonist Treatment Leon Peter https:/ Down Syndrome can be Identified During Pregnancy by Prenatal Screening Aiden Max Journal of Childhood & Developmental Disorders Volume 9, Issue 1 https:/ Treatment of Infant Behavioural Sleep Problems and Night Time Crying Hannah Whittall https:/ Growth Phenotypes of Very Low Birth Weight Infants and Gestational Age Infants Amadou Sow https:/ Language Intervention for Infants with Autism Spectrum Disorder Dale Walker https:/ Biceps Rerouting for Flexible Supination Contractures in Children Steven Samijo https:/ Late Preterm Birth and Risk Predictors of Early Childhood Caries Isabela Pordeus https:/ ADHD and the Generalizability of Treatment A Survey of Community Professionals Alexandra V Moreland, Ara Anspikian, Sydney Young, Denise Tran, Andrew Minoru Fukuda, Harinder Kaur Dhillon, Bhaktidevi M Rawal, Jenae Torres, Miguel Serrano Illan and Carvy Floyd Luceno https:/ Paraneoplastic Functional Neurological Disorder in Children and Adolescents D Beaulieu https:/ Fragile X Syndrome and Subjects with Intellectual Disability without Defined Etiology Nieves Thurman https:/ MotherChild Relationship for Families of Children with Autism in Cognitively Monique Crawley https:/ Relationships between School Suspension ADHD Diagnoses and Delinquency on Reading Ability in Children Joanna A Nunes Journal of Childhood & Developmental Disorders Volume 9, Issue 2 https:/ Children with Profound Intellectual Disabilities Understanding Their Unique Needs and Ensuring Quality Care F Haverkamp https:/ Children with Cerebral Palsy Understanding the Challenges and Embracing Potential Murray J Dyck https:/ Developmental Motor Problems Understanding the Challenges and Seeking Intervention I Martsenkovsky https:/ Expressive Language Disorder Understanding the Challenges and Seeking Support V Scaioli https:/ Identifying Autism Spectrum Disorders Understanding the Signs and Seeking Early Intervention Amaria Baghdadli https:/ Study of Cognitive Schizophrenia and ObsessiveCompulsive Disorder in Children Atilla hekin https:/ Effects of Young Childhood Caregiving Environment Childs ProSocial Behavior Roby Garnett https:/ Childrens Interview for Psychiatric Syndromes and Autoantibody Mallory H Cash https:/ Familial Gene Variants with Autism Spectrum Disorder Monique Clohe https:/ Depressive Symptoms in Children with ADHD Symptomology Antonio Ajona Journal of Childhood & Developmental Disorders Volume 9, Issue 3 https:/ Understanding Specific Learning Disorder Early Identification and Assessment Materasso Samsul https:/ MetaAnalysis Showing Improvement in GMFM and PEDI Scores after Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation for Cerebral Palsy Sabiha Shamim1,4, David Lawrence Greene1,2,3,4, Umm E Habiba1,4, Khalil Ahmad5, Nasar Khan1,2,3,4and Amna Umer1,4 https:/ Intricacies of ObsessiveCompulsive Disorder Overcoming the Struggles Dzemaili Rino https:/ Interventions for Neurodevelopmental Disorders Ebert Simon https:/ Challenges and Strategies for Promoting Mental Wellbeing across Childhood and Adolescence Trabucco Vincent https:/ Communication Development and Behavior Analysis in Children with Autism Tateno Szabina https:/ Strengthening Bonds Children with ADHD and Parents Eichler Antoine https:/ Infants Neural Responses Understanding Early Brain Development Allison Behrem https:/ Stress Disorder in Very Young Children Recognizing Early Trauma Carpi Elin https:/ Nurturing Child Mental Health and Strong Foundations for Lifelong Wellbeing Johnson Henrik https:/ CognitiveBehavioral Therapy for Pediatric Anxiety Disorders and Children to Overcome Anxiety Zamboni Larry https:/ Is there an Autism Epidemic in the United States Michael Quinn1, Brad Scott1 and Ryan J Hanson2